For Quality, Efficiency & Reliability VIBRO MOTORS Used In Sifter Machine

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SINCE 1985

Vikrant Vibro Motor is suitable for 12", 20", 24", 30",36",48", 60" & 72" Sifter Machines

We also Manufacture Export Quality Vibro Motors

220 Volts 3 Phase

380 Volts 60 & 50 Cycles

The Spectacular Popularity achieved by Vikrant Motors in short time is the outcome of excllence in quality and reliability of performence as a result of perfect design accurate processing use of high grade raw materials and rigid testing and quality control at all stages of manufacture Correct degree of skewing and split coil winding with fractional pitch make for supression of harmonics and results in noiseless start,smooth acceleration and silent running
Precision Rollers bearing seats and concentricity of air gap give vibration free running thereby reducing wear and tear of rollers bearings Liberal design and tropicalised varnish treatment result in low temperature rise and longer life.


  • Supply Voltage : 415
  • Frequency : 50Hzs.
  • Voltage Fluctuation : -+6%
  • Frequency Fluctuation : -+3%


Stator Yoke: Made of high quality, fine graded cast iron in one unit cooling surface. the strudy nature of construction make it resilent to shocks and prevents deformation under heavy loads
Stator Laminations: Made of high grade, high premeability, annealed alloy of silicon steel with low hystereiss and low eddy-current losses, each lamination is insulated from the other by a thin layer of varnish. They are tightly pressed and rigidly clamped, to reduce the magnetic noice, losses and vibrations.
Rotor: It is of aluminium pressure die cast with end-rings as an intergral unit. it ensures log life and is of rigid construction.
Bearing: Motors are fitted with best make Roller bearing of overloaded capacity which ensures the standard safety factor against any strain. Bearings are enclosed in dust proof housing, All bearings are fully charged at works with high grade grease, but it is advisable to clear and regrease the bearing with correct grade of grease every year.


  1. Graded Iron Casting
  2. Roller bearings
  3. Insulation Class 'B' and 'F'
  4. Dr. Beck Varnish used for winding
  5. High Temperature Grease.
  6. High Tension Hardwares

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